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tel. +32 485503599


Robert Rinskopflaan 62

9050 Ghent 



Ambet Manalo creates functional and simple objects and furniture with an essential core, meant to be cherished and passed down.

During the development process, he balances the material, proportion, and soul of the object. The result is an appealing end product.

He combines new and traditional techniques, uses sustainable local materials, and meticulously completes each piece.


Coming from a family of makers in both Belgium and the Philippines, he discovered the value of craftsmanship at a young age.

He graduated as a designer from the Luca School of Artsin 2008, part of which took place at Politecnico in Milan.

He is a driven autodidact constantly searching for new and traditional manufacturing techniques to maintain the challenge of the creative process.In addition to design, Ambet also enjoys sharing knowledge and guiding others in the creative process.

In 2014, he founded Houtbaar Workshops to combine these passions.Participants were guided in creating objects and furniture using manual and traditional techniques.

Since 2013, Ambet has been managing the wood workshop and mixed media lab at Luca School of Arts and KULeuven. He supervises students of architecture, interior design, and fine arts in their creative processes.


In 2023, he founded Ambet Manalo as a design label.

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